Since 2001, CI Energy Group’s annual Arctic Oil & Gas Symposium has been North America’s premier Arctic oil and gas conference, bringing together community leaders, government officials and key industry players for candid discussion and critical information sharing.

The interest to develop the wealth of natural resources located in Canada’s North continues to rise. The economic benefits may be tempting, but there are a series of complicated operational challenges that must first be overcome if commercial production is to become a reality.

As the Northwest Territories prepares to take control of their land and resources, industry players and locals alike have many questions regarding devolution and the impact it will have on their respective operations and communities.

The National Energy Board’s latest Filing Requirements; a game-changing Same Season Relief Well Equivalency argument; a 600 million dollar infrastructure investment proposal; increased interest in the commercialization of the Northwest Passage; continued community concerns about hydraulic fracturing, and the possible reincarnation of the Mackenzie pipeline as an LNG venture are but a few of the hot topics up for discussion this year.

Join us March 11-12 for the 14th Annual edition of CI Energy Group’s Arctic Oil & Gas Symposium and ensure you fully understand what these developments could mean for your business and community.

Come and see for yourself why this annual event is the must attend for anyone involved or looking to get involved in Arctic oil and gas development.

Register today by calling toll-free 1-877-927-7936 to secure your spot, or online

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